Managed Detection and Response

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How does it work?

You install our application on your workstations and servers.
Using our cloud platform, we monitor your network 24/7 for threats and vulnerabilities.
We alert you in real time and work with you to secure your network using automated security controls.

What can ThreatSpike detect?

We monitor networks for a broad range of security issues, tailoring our monitoring for the specific industry and requirements of each customer.


We monitor for hacking including reconnaissance, network and application exploits as well as lateral movement.


We use methods including machine learning to detect malicious executables, command and control activity as well as network propagation.


We monitor for weaknesses in technology systems and business processes that may be used to steal data and commit fraud.

Insider Threats

We monitor logins, authorisation changes, access reach, electronic communications and data transfers to detect insider threats.

Protection everywhere

Devices are continuously monitored by our cloud service and protective controls are applied wherever your devices are located, whether that be in the office or on public Wifi.

What features does ThreatSpike provide?

We provide extensive functionality that our customers can use to secure their environments and all functionality is provided as part of a single license.

ThreatSpike delivers deep insight into activity on the network:

  • Metadata is generated for activities such as HTTP requests, file copies and print jobs
  • A built in flight recorder captures every network packet sent and received
  • Packet captures and files can be instantly recalled from devices to assist investigations
  • Metadata is held for one month with the option to extend if required

ThreatSpike can be used to protect against data leakage:

  • Sensitive information is detected in network communications, allowing proactive controls to be applied
  • SSL/TLS inspection allows information pasted into forms and webmail to be detected
  • Granular restrictions can be applied to control the files that can be uploaded to the Internet or USB drives
  • Standing, case-by-case and time bound exceptions can be granted to users who need to upload files

Web browsing can be restricted to ensure compliance with corporate policies.

  • Specific URLs and page classifications can be blocked
  • Restrictions can be applied to Active Directory groups and users
  • Web pages are classified at the device at the point of access, improving performance and accuracy
  • Custom pages can be displayed when pages are blocked

Information about devices is collected and presented through dashboards and reports, including:

  • Location of device and current logged in user
  • Serial number, operating system and version
  • Installed applications and running processes
  • Installed and missing patches

Access to internal systems on the network can be restricted to increase security and mitigate worm propagation.

  • Internal applications can be imported and mapped to specific users and groups requiring access
  • Connections not permitted by policy are stopped, reducing the surface area of the network
  • Automatic sandboxing mitigates the risk of ransomware outbreaks

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ThreatSpike is the first company to offer a fixed cost pricing model for both defensive and offensive security services.

Our customers

We provide monitoring services to companies ranging from 10 to 100,000 users spanning 15 industries and 50 countries.

Lee Scott

Cybersecurity and Compliance Manager, Inchcape Shipping Services.

"ThreatSpike offers a strong value proposition that ties in to our business needs. Our experience with ThreatSpike is extremely positive. Like us, it is a dynamic, entrepreneurial organisation and quick to respond to our changing requirements."

Steve Ash

IT Director, Day Lewis Pharmacy

"ThreatSpike analysts provide us with assurance that our network and customer data is constantly protected and that when a threat is detected, that it is dealt with quickly."

Our Facts.

ThreatSpike protects customers and devices all across the world each day. With such breadth comes the ability to identify threats as they are arising and develop more capable and accurate algorithms.


Average number of issues discovered during trials


Billion events analysed per day


TB of network traffic analysed per day