The first automated cybercrime solver.

ThreatSpike Wire collects, records and continuously analyses your network traffic in order to detect harmful activity. ThreatSpike Wire learns about your network and acts like a detective, continuously linking together information and key events in order to build a detailed narrative and timeline of security incidents as they occur.

When an incident occurs, the output is a clear, precise report on what the issue is and how to address it.

Simplicity is key.

We believe that a good security product shouldn't create more work for you. ThreatSpike Wire is designed to be as simple to use as possible. It takes just minutes to install and requires no custom configuration.

Once installed, ThreatSpike Wire will alert you to anything that could impede your business including hacking, employee misconduct and poor security practices. You don't need to be a security expert, all the complex analysis that's required to detect suspicious activity is hidden behind an intuitive user interface.

Clear, affordable pricing model.

ThreatSpike Wire is licensed on a user or device subscription which includes all use cases, functionality and support.

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