Adam Blake

Adam brings over ten years of information security experience to ThreatSpike Labs. Prior to his current role, Adam was a security consultant at Accenture and then Deloitte, during which time he managed multi-million pound client security project portfolios and established Deloitte UK's Threat Monitoring capability area.

Adam holds a BEng in Computer Science from Imperial College London and has been programming for almost 20 years. Adam is responsible for the design of many of the high performance C++ networking components that make up ThreatSpike Wire.

Kate Blake

Kate's experience working in leading technology divisions within the financial services industry has enabled her to build a scalable and high performance technology platform at ThreatSpike Labs. Prior to her current role, Kate worked in Morgan Stanley's technology division designing electronic trading systems for the fixed income business.

Kate holds an MEng in Computer Science from Imperial College London and enjoys developing in C++ and Java.

Moss Mosimann

Moss is a 20 year veteran in financial services and capital markets. Moss runs his own Venture Capital Fund (Aimar Capital), and after a long established career at Morgan Stanley he's now also an advisor to the firm.

Moss holds an MBA from Columbia University and London Business School and provides strategic direction for ThreatSpike Labs.