Unparalleled security monitoring.

ThreatSpike Wire represents an evolution in security monitoring. Acting like a dedicated team of security analysts, ThreatSpike Wire leverages machine learning algorithms to build a representation of your network and IT environment, baselining your employee behaviour to offer an unparalleled overview of your network security.


Whether a website is attempting to infect your machine and compromise your privacy or a hacker is trying to steal or crack your password, ThreatSpike Wire will detect these attempts and alert you to anything that requires your attention.

Network and application vulnerability.

ThreatSpike Wire proactively detects application vulnerabilities and poor security practices, helping you mitigate the threat before it becomes a real problem.

Insider threats and data leakage protection.

Not all security threats originate from the outside, sometimes it is the internal mistakes that have the biggest impact. ThreatSpike Wire analyses the content of files, comparing them with sensitive data on the network. An automatic alert will immediately notify you of any possible data theft or accidental leakage.

Malware, remote access and command & control.

Our advanced self-learning algorithms are able to identify abnormal behaviour among seemingly normal network traffic. Any sign of malware, command and control or any other suspicious activity will be clearly communicated back to you for quick remediation.

Unique approach.

ThreatSpike Wire’s unique approach to threat detection and analysis offers some exceptional features.

Monitoring network traffic directly as the basis for all analysis completely eliminates the need to rely on data feeds from other technologies.

Storing network traffic allows for a retrospective analysis of security threats and provides extensive forensic capabilities.

Simple plug-and-play deployment allows for accelerated delivery of a strategic monitoring and advanced threat detection capability.

Behaviour based analysis can be implemented without any learning period.

Flexible deployment.

To meet different organisational requirements, ThreatSpike Wire is available as a desktop, cloud and appliance based solution.

For more information on the ThreatSpike Wire product please consult our FAQ or alternatively contact us to arrange a proof of concept!