How does pricing work?

Fixed Cost

ThreatSpike is the first company to offer a fixed cost pricing model for both defensive and offensive security services.

Managed Services

We only sell managed services, meaning we run the show for you. There is no need for you to build an internal team and then train and retain them.

Transparent Pricing

There are no extra installation, incident response, training or support costs and no quotas for how much you can use.

How much does it cost?

ThreatSpike Blue

Continuous 24/7/365 managed SOC

Unlimited incident response and forensics

Unlimited support and training

Unlimited use of all platform features

Unlimited events storage including 3rd party feeds

12 month data retention with 1 month online

Threat hunting

Monthly account meeting

£100 Per Year
Per Employee
No Minimum Cost

ThreatSpike Red

Unlimited penetration tests and red team exercises

Internal, external and web application testing

Engagements led by certified specialists

Detailed finding reports

Manual and automated testing

PCI-DSS and Cyber Essentials testing

Vulnerability scanning

Monthly account meeting

£5,000 Per Year
Up To 250 Employees
£10,000 Per Year
Up To 1000 Employees
£15,000 Per Year
Up To 2000 Employees
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